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    Application Form - Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo

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    Application Form - Khal Drogo Empty Application Form - Khal Drogo

    Post by Khal Drogo on Mon May 27, 2013 2:56 am

    1) Who showed you this forum?
    R: Lord-Snow first, Supreme then

    2) What's your nicknames or aliases?
    R: HylliaN', Khan, Khal Drogo

    3) Have you been in a clan before? If yes, whose?
    R: yes... P.K and DeaD. I left DeaD after 4 years because I wanted a clan competitive, but the leader did not want to change.
    I made Heart and Guts and they still hated me...
    In P.K, I relived it for the same purpose, all members are 18 + and have other responsibilities besides Pokemon Online, not having much time to get online.

    4) Why do you wanna join DR?
    R: I chose the DR because many of my friends are there: Layla, Snow, Marques, Alien, Carlos, Parrudo, Sam ... However, the clan is serious.
    If I have spoken evil, or did something that pleased them, it was because of the situation I found myself ... The DeaD was a good experience for me, but not what I expected.

    5) What's your playing level(Rookie, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran)?
    R: Well, imo I play @Intermediate, however my clanmates say I play @Expert, Veteran...
    I get along well with Pokemon that are not commonly used ... So maybe my imagination and creativity to build a usable moveset for a Pokemon not so used, favors me in some situations.

    6) When did you started playing pokémon?
    R: I've start playing Pokémon since RBY in my GBC *-* But,competitively since 2005~2006.

    7) Do you have any tournament or cup titles?
    R: Yes, I have some.

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    8 ) What's your favorite pokémon?
    R: I love Ice-Type pokémon. So is hard to say what is my favorite. Glaceon, Articuno, Dewgong... There's another types too.. Grass and Poison: Bellossom, Arbok, Haunter.. Only Dragon I like is Kingdra <3 ah, there's only one Fire-Type too: Rapidash Very Happy

    9) Where are you from?
    R: I'm from Brazil, São Paulo-SP

    10) Do you have MSN/Skype/Facebook?
    R: Skype: ricardo - hyllian // Facebook:

    11) What else online games you play?
    R: Age Of Empires II, The Conquerors Expansion and Forgotten Empires.

    12) What's your favorite pokémon site, forum, community?
    R: Smogon, Serebii, Pokémon Brasil and PokéEVO

    13) Have you ever battled a DR member before? If yes, then prove with logs (if possible).
    R: Yes, I've battled with a lot of they... In InterClans, Script Tours and Forum Tours ( I don't have any log =| )

    14) Which server do you generally play in and what tiers?
    R: I Play @Pokémon Brasil and Pokémon Online Official Server. My favorite tiers are: Ubers, OverUsed (uh, I don't like to play but are necessary Neutral ), NeverUsed and LittleCup

    15) What is your favorite online Pokémon battling simulator?
    R: I like both of them, PO and Showdown Very Happy
    aLiEn Mw
    aLiEn Mw
    Clan Leader
    Clan Leader

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    Application Form - Khal Drogo Empty Re: Application Form - Khal Drogo

    Post by aLiEn Mw on Mon May 27, 2013 8:58 am

    Khal Drogo é um bom jogador e é conhecido pelo clan há muito tempo, foi testado e aceito sua entrada, portanto:

    Khal Drogo seja bem vindo ao clã Dragon Rush.

    Peço que faça a sua introdução aqui

    Topico Fechado.


    Khal Drogo is a good player and is also known by most of the clan from a long time ago, he was tested and i accept his entry, therefore:
    Khal Drogo welcome to clan Dragon Rush.

    I ask you to make your introduction here

    Thread Closed.

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