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    Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:01 am
    Message by Parrudo Psycho - Adm Dardot
    I forgot the member Dardot rose moderator Administrator for, if possible, change the auth tbm it!
    Thank you!

    Dardot -
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    Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:49 am
    Message by Parrudo Psycho - Changes to Mod!
    Hello Lance! After a few meetings in the clan, I'll be inactive for a while due to studies, may only be able to return in July 2013! Thus, to avoid burdening clan nobody, I, together with Alien, 4 members promoted to aid in moderation in my absence, the forum also take care with your help, then, I ask you to make the changes in the profile of members authority for moderator, members are:

    SiR CaCaTuA -
    Kai -
    Lord-Snow -
    Sam -

    Thank you in advance!
    Also, on the topic of clan members, was too "polluted" I redid the topic was locked and not to pollute again! The only ones who can change that topic is you, me and Alien!
    The topic is here:

    Also warning that soon the Dragon Rush will debut in the tournament and told him that I joined the forum! About this tournament, put-Lord Snow as captain, then, no doubt, just send PM to him!

    Thank you! Very Happy
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    Sun May 13, 2012 2:19 am
    Message by puregenius - pokeheaven
    hey i had a great idea for pokeheaven

    when we become bigger, we should have challenges of sorts

    this is one of the challenges i think would be a fun
    smogon came up with this idea
    it's 'research week'
    basically u have to make a team with one of three uncommon pokemon
    if u can reach a certain number of points u get bronze, silver or gold

    i also think we should have a mini award system under our name
    and by getting bronze, silver or gold in a challenge, we'll get a corresponding star

    anyway consider it
    i reckon it could really bring the organisation popularity



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